Welcome to Tatooine!

In June/July 2001 we were on holiday in Tunesia. This was of course an excellent oppertunity to visit the local shooting locations of the Star Wars movies. Since most of the (non-studio) Tatooine locations in Episodes 1, 2 and 4 (plus one scene of Episode 3) were shot here, we really felt on location on Tatooine.

Magazines on location

Thanks to the pioneering work of people like David West Reynolds (see Star Wars Insider issues 27 and 29), and the excellent documentation of the locations at the Star Wars traveler by Gus Lopez and Pamela Green, the locations are now relatively easy to find (although I wouldn't try to find the Mos Espa sets without a guide, that far out into the desert), and can be visited in a relatively short time. It took us only three days. The only "location" we didn't visit was the one in Tunis (since it is in quite another part of the country) and no filming was done there.

Armed with a printed copy of the above mentioned guide (which became our trip's bible of sorts), the above mentioned Insiders, the (then-)latest issue of Echo Base Magazine, and a copy of the The Force fanclub magazine (the issue with the Tunesian trip report by Stefan Bruin), we set out to explore the wonders of both Tunisia and Tatooine. On these pages, you have our trip report. Enjoy!

Intro Day 1 (Lars Interiors, Mos Eisley overlook) Day 2 (Mos Espa, Lars Exteriors, Tatooine Desert) Day 3 (Tataouine, Slave Quarters, Ben's cabin, Mos Eisley )

Pictures by Bart Barenbrug and Andrea Schneider. Text by Bart Barenbrug